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Ocean Conservation

Over 5 TRILLION pieces of plastic currently litter the Ocean

Cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch using conventional methods, such as vessels and net, would take thousands of years and billions of dollars to complete. Passive systems are estimated to remove 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage patch in just five years, and at a fraction of the cost. 

Plastic pollution is spread across millions of square kilometres and travels in all directions. This cleanup technology has been designed to do the hard job of concentrating the plastic first before it can be effectively removed from the ocean.

The system consists of a long floater that sits at the surface of the water and a skirt that hangs beneath it. The floater provides buoyancy to the entire system, while the skirt prevents debris from escaping underneath and leads it into the retention system. 

The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization developing advanced technologies to rid the oceans of plastic.

5% of all Moonlust Proceeds will be donated to

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Plastic Polluted Ocean
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